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    "As part of our selection process, we have successfully been using the computer-based simulation exercise of CREWS & CAPTAINS GmbH for many years. This is where we specifically examine an initial management position including competence 'decision-making', and we are very satisfied with this."

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    "We are convinced by the e-tray exercise of CREWS & CAPTAINS GmbH as contents can be flexibly adapted to our customers' needs. Also, the fully automatic evaluation saves a lot of time."

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    "The city of Kerpen uses an e-tray exercise for the selection of apprentices in the area of administration and appreciates the time saving due to the automatic evaluation. Furthermore, the cover story directly establishes a relationship to the the city of Kerpen."

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    "We use the CC.BOX of the CREWS & CAPTAINS GmbH in different versions within our company. The content has been designed in cooperation with CREWS & CAPTAINS GmbH specifically for the needs of our company. We are very satisfied. "

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